Lone Working

We’ve just run a lone working and personal safety course for Maidstone Borough Council which proved to be a real eye opener for me as I learned about the way staff work and how vulnerable they can be when working alone. There are safety strategies in place to protect workers but nevertheless they are unavoidably exposed to so many unpleasant situations.

The general public are abusive to operatives and also, on occasion, quite threatening especially to street cleaners they come across on their way home from nightclubs.  Staff have been physically attacked and verbally abused.  Dog wardens have a real uphill struggle to encourage dog owners to pick up dog mess rather than just leave it for unsuspecting folk to find…..!!  One interesting thing I was told was that in certain areas residents would not divulge the name of a thief or violent person but will readily inform on someone who allows their dog to foul a public space.  How incredible !!

Congratulations to all the people out there who are employed to keep our streets and public spaces clean  and safe – we may not always thank you but we would certainly notice if you weren’t there.