Epilepsy OCN

Course Description
This course is a general awareness course designed to give staff an overall understanding of the issues facing Service Users with Epilepsy.

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Courses start from £300 plus VAT for a half day course (Maximum 16 candidates)

Who Should Attend
All staff working with Service Users who have Epilepsy

Assessment & Award
This course assessment is a short exercise aimed at ensuring staff have gained the necessary knowledge. On successful completion candidates will be awarded the appropriate certificate

3 hours (Half Day) or 6 hours (Full Day) excluding breaks

This course costs £500 plus VAT (Total Cost £600) for a full days training & £300 plus VAT (Total Cost £360) for half day training – these costings are based on a maximum of 16 candidates (This includes exams, in house certificates and all associated costs)

For OCN Accreditation please add an extra £15 for certification.

This course could be run at our Training Centre in Rainham, Kent but is typically run at client locations throughout the UK.


  • What is Epilepsy?
  • Causes
  • Seizure Types
  • Primary Generalised Seizures
  • Partial Seizures
  • Status Epilepticus
  • Living with Seizures
  • Diagnosis
  • Recording Seizures
  • What to do
  • First Aid
  • Treatments
  • Epilepsy and Safety – Living with the condition
  • Photosensitivity


By the end of the course learners will have:

  • Gained an understanding of what Epilepsy means to the sufferer and the carer
  • Gained an understanding of the specific difficulties that can arise from Epilepsy
  • Explored some of the coping strategies for carers when caring for someone suffering from Epilepsy
  • Gained an understanding of the long term complications that can arise as a result of suffering with Epilepsy
  • Gained an appreciation of how healthy living and lifestyle will impact on the sufferer and the resultant management of Epilepsy