We are always pleased to get positive feedback from our clients and below there are just a few testimonials that we’ve received …

However please note that some of our clients can only give testimonials if contacted direct, these include East Sussex County Council, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. If you would like to receive a testimonial from these sources, please call us and we will provide the relevant contact details.


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Training was very good but it would have been more beneficial  if a bit more was covered about what to do after people/ children die how we support the staff, I know it was not easy to cover as in the group there were a lot of different professionals.

I thought the trainer was amazing a lot of positive energy, I would differently book her for my team if the training was tailored more around children and death of a child and how to support staff.

This was a very informative course and I believe the class size was just right allowing for discussion. The pace was good and the trainer had good knowledge and was extremely good at getting us to think deeper about the subject. The range of information was also excellent and I will be sharing some of this knowledge with the rest of my team. I believe this is a very useful course and I believe most staff would benefit from the training.

Feedback on trainer is kept good pace and engaging, keeping what can be a very sombre subject interesting and relevant.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to attend this training. Although, fortunately, within our service death and bereavement is not something we have to deal with often. Having said this, I found the session to be very productive and interactive. We discussed emotions and the practicalities of dealing with the demise and loss of someone close to us or our service users. It was useful to discuss and listen to the stages involved in this and how we all deal with things differently.

In summary, this is a very useful training and I would recommend it. My only criticism is that it was cut short by the time limit of 3 hours. There was a lot of slides and discussion missed out because of this.

Although I enjoyed the training, I was hoping that the course would be more about how to support those people who use our service with bereavement.

It was a very good course, found it very useful to know about the signs of dying in particular. Also, how individuals can be better supported in such circumstances. The trainer was good and session was very clear.

Really useful training, it should be given out to all staff, the trainer Gemma was very well informed and delivered the training with humour in a difficult subject and the discussions we had within the training were so useful to hear other colleagues point of view as it is always with face to face training rather than online training.

I found the training informative and friendly. It was a nice comfortable room. The trainer gave us a number of different situations to think about and discuss what could be used in a work environment.
Various, August 2019 (Bereavement Training) 


Our instructor was very professional and interaction was very good, making the course interesting.
Wendy, October 2017 (Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults)

Very good and enjoyable training.  Thank you
Georgian, June 2017 (Dysphagia) 

This course was very valuable to the home as we have a number of residents with this condition.
Sandra, June 2017 (Dysphagia) 

This course has given me a greater understanding of epilepsy and it has given me the confidence to share with colleagues.
Irene, February 2017 (Train the Trainer Epilepsy) 

Very Valuable course and will recommend it to colleagues.
Amanda, September 2016 (Parkinsons and Motor Neurone Disease) 

The session was helpful and knowledgeable.  Presented very well.  Easy to understand, approachable.
Sarah, September 2016  (Parkinsons and Motor Neurone Disease)

Really enjoyed this training, it helped give me a clearer understanding of the conditions
Lisa, September 2016 (Parkinsons and Motor Neurone Disease)

Very well paced course with plenty of interaction.  informative and very relative to my role.
Elaine, September 2016 (Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis)

Thank you also for your support with this as it wouldn’t have been possible if you had not presented the course in such an excellent manner.
William, June 2016  (CIEH Level 3 Award in Education and Training) 

Thoroughly enjoyed the session, very helpful to my work and work i hope to so in the future.
Rebecca, May 2016 (Mental Capacity Act) 

Gemma always delivers excellent training- promotes discussion and ideas.
Seton, May 2016 (Dementia) 

Gemma delivered the course really well and got everyone involved.
Ellen, March 2016 (Reminiscence) 

Very enjoyable and informative.  Good mix of colleagues from various organisations.
Gill, March 2016 (Reminiscence) 

I enjoyed the whole session. Trainer was professional and knowledgeable. Well Done.
Joanne, March 2016 (Parkinsons & Motor Neurone Disease)

For such a short course it was very informative and I will be passing this info to my colleagues.
Emma, March 2016 (Parkinsons & Motor Neurone Disease) 

Really enjoyed it, any question I had was answered.
Sarah, February 2016 (Mental Health Refresher) 

Found this training beneficial and enjoyable.
Ellie, February 2016 (Mental Health Refresher)

Gemma had an excellent sense of humour and delivered the course content well. Wonderful session and learnt lots.
Faye, February 2016 (Long Term Conditions) 

Just to say thank you to Gemma for making such a good way of training. I have been on many courses before with Gemma and I am never bored, as in some other training courses that I have been on.
Julia, February 2016 (Long Term Conditions)

I enjoyed this training very much. Thank you
Julie, February 2016 (Long Term conditions)

Gemmas’ friendly approach makes training more enjoyable. Very interesting and informative.
Kylie, January 2016 (Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty)

I feel that the course was both well put together and well presented. I have confidence in being able to relay this to my team.
Peter, January 2016 (TTT Diabetes) 

The course was very interesting, very helpful to do my job.
Ligita, January 2016 (TTT Epilepsy)

I feel that the course was very well put together with excellent handouts and very well presented.
Peter, January 2016 (TTT Epilepsy) 

Excellent training that I can use within my role. Thank you.
Fiona, December 2015 (OCN L3 Diabetes) 

Gemma was very engaging and involved the whole group very enjoyable. Good to refresh.
Carly, December 2015 (OCN L3 Diabetes)

Thank you. Very long but fun and educational. I feel more confident working with people with diabetes.
Sarah, December 2015 (OCN L3 Diabetes) 

Very well set out training session and interesting.
Chloe, November 2015 (Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes)

Very enjoyable, Trainer very knowledgeable.
Fiona, November 2015 (Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes)

This is a very good course and a lot of information is given.
Tracey, September 2015 (TTT Diabetes) 

Trainer was interesting and made session interesting and friendly.
Theresa, September 2015 (Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty)

Really enjoyed. Course explained very well and questions answered and understood easily.
Julie, September 2015 (Nutrition and Well-being)

Was a very interesting course and my knowledge is much better.
Shelley, August 2015 (Mental Capacity Act)

Lin delivered a professional but relaxed and enjoyable session, as usual.
Lynn, July 2015 (Safe Load Management) 

A really enjoyable course and extremely informative. I have learnt a great deal that will not only benefit me in the workplace but also at home.
Claire, July 2015 (Safe Load Management) 

I really enjoyed the training and feel that I have gained more knowledge regarding Moving & Handling.
Gemma, July 2015 (Moving & Handling)

Very good Trainer, learnt a lot as I haven’t done course before. Gave me lots of knowledge.
Balvinder, June 2015 (OCN L3 Diabetes)

Excellent trainer, first class!  Thanks very much! 🙂
Tanya, June 2015 (OCN L3 Diabetes) 

Just like to say thank you for the enthusiastic and motivating training session that was helpful to me professionally and personally as I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Grateful Thanks
Katie, June 2015 (OCN L3 Diabetes)

Enjoyable training reminding me of precautions to take and not be complacent.
Gail, June 2015 (Lone Working)

I found this course enjoyable and found the tutor friendly and approachable.
Lisa, June 2015 (Lone Working) 

One of the best and most informative training sessions I have attended.
Julie, May 2015 (Epilepsy & Stroke)

Clear and precise course – pleasantly presented. Enjoyable & going away with so much more knowledge. Thank you
Siobhan, February 2015 (Multiple Sclerosis)

I actually knew nothing about MS at all before so I found the course very helpful and informative.
Linda, February 2015 (Multiple Sclerosis)

Loved it. Would love to find out more.
Lyn, February 2015 (Multiple Sclerosis)

The teacher is very professional, knowledgeable and delivers topics expertly.
Delivered in a clear and appropriate manner.
Sheila, February 2015 (Person Centred Care)

Well delivered, informative.
Angie, February 2015 (Person Centred Care)

Very good training. Thank you.
Joy, February 2015 (Person Centred Care)

Amazing course. Very interesting. Didn’t realise how much there was to know.
Kayleigh, February 2015 (Parkinson’s)

Very interesting. Learnt so much. Didn’t realise what Parkinson’s really was. Learnt loads. Thank you.
Chloe, February 2015 (Parkinson’s)

Trainer was brilliant, best course I have ever been on.
Michelle, February 2015 (Parkinson’s)

Easy top understand. Relaxed atmosphere and easy to talk as a group.
Beverley, February 2015 (Dysphasia & Dysphagia)

I felt that the course has helped my understanding of SOVA and was excellent and so was the trainer.
Samuel, February 2015 (SOVA)

Very good trainer, excellent course.
Sue, February 2015 (SOVA)

A very interesting & very well presented course. Thank you
Karen, February 2015 (SOVA)

Thought provoking and very helpful.
Fathema, February 2015 (Stroke)

Very useful and Gemma was a pleasure.
Jackie, February 2015 (Stroke)

Delivered in a clean and appropriate manner.
Sheila, February 2015 (Person Centred Care)

Well delivered, informative.
Angie, February 2015 (Person Centred Care)

Very good training. Thank you.
Joy, February 2015 (Person Centred Care)

Gemma provided a very informative session.
Danielle, January 2015 (Multiple Sclerosis)

Relaxed but enjoyable, made everyone feel comfortable to participate.
Claire, January 2015 (Parkinson’s)

Enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere, definitely learnt more about Parkinson’s than I knew before.
Karen, January 2015 (Parkinson’s)

It was stimulating – Gemma kept it interesting throughout.
Gillian, January 2015 (Managing Behaviours that challenge)

Good course and I learnt new aspects of care of epilepsy.
Caroline, January 2015 (Epilepsy)

I found this course very useful and it has fully achieved in updating my knowledge and making me more aware of the subject.
Kelly, January 2015 (Dysphasia & Dysphagia)

Enjoyed course – it would be very helpful for all carers to do this course.
Claire, January 2015 (Stroke)

Informative & interactive. Thought provoking
Ann, January 2015 (SOVA)

Really useful & helpful. Very interesting & the tutor (Gemma) put it across in such a good way, fun, informative & the right fit.
Louise, January 2015 (Stroke)

The training was at the right level and was very interesting.
Fabian, January 2015 (Stroke)

Good clear information given.  I now have a good understanding about this course.  Brilliant trainer.
Naomi, January 2015 (Dysphasia & Dysphagia)

Great instructor, we received great knowledge about diabetes and I feel confident now than ever in looking after diabetes residents.
Acquilla, January 2015 (Diabetes)

Very well presented course – easy format to understand and further knowledge gained.
Katrina, January 2015 (Diabetes)

Thank you for such a current and up to date training presented in such a passionate way
Carly, January 2015 (positively Managing Risk)

Very interesting, informative & interactive – Thank you
Helen, January 2015 (Positively Managing Risk)

Very well taught course & lovely trainer.
Gina, January 2015 (Positively Managing Risk)

Good course and I learnt new aspects of care of epilepsy.
Caroline, January 2015 (Epilepsy)

Gemma delivers her training clearly and is very knowledgeable in her subject. I’ve learnt heaps and can understand and put into practice in understanding better at my work place.
Julie, December 2014 (Acquired Brain Injury)

The course was presented in a very interesting way. Everything was explained thoroughly. Thank you
Elizabeth, December 2014 (Acquired Brain Injury)

Very informative, well delivered training session.
Linda, November 2014 (Positively Managing Risk)

Excellent, very informative and practical approach.
Jill, November 2014 (Positively Managing Risk)

Really enjoyed the course – Thank  you
Julie, November 2014 (Positively Managing Risk)

Very informative, I learnt a lot about my clients needs.
Jenny, October 2014 (Dysphagia)

Very informative,  feel I learnt a lot from this course.
Jocelyn, October 2014 (Dysphagia)

Gemma delivered this training in a fun way to help the information stick in mind.
Naomi, October 2014 (Diabetes)

Trainer was very interactive and made the course interesting rather than dull.
Lloyd, October 2014 (Diabetes)

I felt Gemma was an excellent trainer and pitched it just right for my staff present. Very clear presentation and very appropriate.
Geraldine, September 2014 (Stroke)

The trainer was friendly, made it fun for all and was able to pass the training to the best understanding of the trainees.  Very satisfied.

John, July 2014 (Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty & SOVA)

Gemma was great.  Was very happy with the training.

Louise, July 2014 (Acquired Brain injury)

A thoroughly enjoyable course, the best one I have done so far. It has given me plenty of information and ideas – very engaging.
Joe, (Reminiscence)

Such an interesting subject, I could have done hours and hours on this subject
Paula, (Reminiscence)

Brilliant training, very interesting, very pleased to have a greater understanding
Susan, (Learning Disability Awareness)

Trainer was very approachable and made training easy
Dara, (Death, Dying & Bereavement)

Very friendly trainer, really enjoyed the course learnt alot.
Carol, (Dysphagia)

Gemma Was exceptional, course was enjoyable and I thoroughly enjoyed .
Carol, (Mental Capacity Act)

The training was invaluable and will help me with both my professional and personal life. Sue,  (Dementia)

I found the training invaluable, being new to the company industry – this has taught me so much relevant to my job. Donna, (Dementia)

Lin was a very good teacher. Made the course interesting and enjoyable found everything very easy to understand.  Hollie, (Risk Assessment)

A very helpful course which has improved my knowledge and ability to do the job. Helen, (Risk Assessment)

I really enjoyed this course. Gemma delivered it extemely well and I will take away everything I learned and put it into practice. Gemma is very knowledgeable and made te course fun and informative.  Julie, (Dementia awareness)

This course has been extremely useful to me, enabling me to better understand how I can draw up training sessions for staff in epilepsy awareness and highlighting issues taht could occur. Great materials and trainer.  Anne, (Train The Trainer Epilepsy)

This has been an excellent course – your knowldge is brilliant Lin and everything was explained clearly – fanatstic resources provided – Thank you. Tania, (Train The Trainer Epilepsy)

A very interseting course which will be able to put into own practice. V. helpful trainer. Stella, (Train the Trainer Epilepsy)

Can I just mention that the staff who attended were extremely impressed with these training courses, thankyou. Kim, (Parkinsons)

Feedback on training delivered has been overwhelmingly positive and all participants agree this training will help them in their role and they will apply their learning within the workplace.

Carehome Management, (Effective Management of Distressed Reaction within Care Homes)

Thank you for taking our problems on board and adjusting you teaching to aid me. Mike, (PTLLS)

Lin made a hard course very enjoyable, would recommend the course.  anon, April 2013 (PTLLS)

Enjoyed and learnt alot about teaching and myself, Lin was very helpful. Gary,

Well Delivered, comfortable atmosphere. Rick,

Excellent all round good course, really enjoyable. Alot of information was well delivered in a way which we all understood.   Kas,

The course was very helpful and enjoyable. Very professional and constructive.  Jane, (Effective Management of Distressed Reactions)

Very informative and interesting course – shall apply all to work I partake in future and outside of work also. Shirin, (Lone Working)

I found the course interesting and very helpful, I enjoyed the morning. Gary,  (Lone Working)

Lots of information and ideas squeezed into an afternoon – well done!! Very informative, Group discussions interesting. Emma, (Supervision and Appraisal)

Good Refresher course for me, well presented, Many thanks Lin. Douglas (Supervision and Appraisal)

Very well presented, have benefited highly hoping my colleagues can get a chance to attend. Joy, (Effective Management of Distressed Reaction)

The trainer was approachable, friendly and professional. Anon, (Effective Management of Distressed Reaction)

I found this course very interesting and helpful and have learn a lot today. Jean,  (Parkinsons Disease)

Enjoyed taking part, learned lots and enjoyed lesson. Agnes, (Effective Management of Distressed reaction)

The topic is very beneficial, useful and interesting. Our instructor spoke clearly, calmly and very intelligent, EXCELLENT!! Irene, (Effective Management of Distressed Reactions)

 Very well taught and enjoyable . Debbie,  (Effective Management of Distressed Reactions)

Lin was a professional and fabulous teacher/trainer, would love to be trained by her again. Sarah,(Effective Management of Distressed Reactions)

There should be an “excellent” column! This course was well planned, presented and it’s clear that the Lin has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. Thank you. Chris – Community Support Worker – East Sussex County Council Friday  (Long Term Conditions)

“I have worked for Scope for 9 years and have attended many epilepsy training courses; this has to be the best by far, very very good.” Scope Brighton (Epilepsy Awareness)

“I very much enjoyed this training – perfect length of time and balanced with informative DVDs.” Scope Brighton

“Very friendly and informative.” Braintree Nursing Home (Medication Administration Awareness)

“Very well presented by a trainer who knew what she was talking about . Very enjoyable and interesting” Middleton Manor (Stroke Awareness)

“Easy to understand, nice and clear and friendly” Longmead Court Nursing Home, 2 (Diabetes & Sugar Monitoring)

“Best course this year!!” East Thames (Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberty)

I really enjoyed this course and am surprised and pleased with how much I have learnt in 5 Days

Zara, May 2012 (PTLLS)

Found the whole course interesting and learned enourmous amounts that I am sure will help me in my furture career.

Gill, May 2012 (PTLLS)

Lin Sets you at ease, and embraces everyone’s experiences and makes you feel worthwhile

Nikki, May 2012 (PTLLS)

Friendly, informative day course, Trainer excellent knowledge of subject

May 2012 (Understanding and Coping with Mental Illness)

Trainer friendly helpful and had lots of knowledge

Mr Trott, ESCC, March 2012 (Stroke & Diabetes)

Enjoyed the interaction and exercises as opposed to death by PowerPoint.  A very interesting, informative and enjoyable course. Fiona, ESCC, March 2012 (Positively Managing Risk)

Thoroughly enjoyed the way training was presented. Easy to understand and absorb. Helen, ESCC, March 2012 (Positively Managing Risk)

One of the most engaging and interesting courses I have attended. Hazel, ESCC, February 2012 (Long term Illnesses)

Thank you, really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Susan, Canterbury Oast Trust, January 2011 (Diabetes Level 3)

Our organisation uses Lin Talbot as our preferred trainer because we know that we will receive quality training delivered in a friendly and professional manner at all times. Jennie Double, Registered Manager, Crossroads South East Kent

Quite simply – we picked Lin Talbot Training above all the others because she delivers and in a friendly and professional informative style all of her own Francesca Squillaci, Registered Manager, Boldglen Limited

Lin has been involved in delivering and writing training programmes for over 30 years. She is now a Director of Lin Talbot Training, a training consultancy, supplying quality affordable training to the care sector in and around the South East of England. The company is now well established and in addition to other areas, Lin and her team specialise in awareness-raising sessions for the wide range of commonly found health conditions that staff encounter in the domiciliary, residential and hospital environments such as: Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neurone disease, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, etc. They also train extensively in the area of mental health, learning disabilities and effective communication. Autism Sussex

….Lin did a five module training day for staff on our stroke unit. The staff who were trained by Lin were multidisciplinary of all grades from housekeepers to newly qualified nursing staff, from physiotherapy students to occupational therapy assistants. The day was well received by all who attended, many staff commented on the value of the day. I myself witnessed an increase in underpinning knowledge and understanding of stroke illness. The impact of this new knowledge has improved patient care no end. Jane Gallagher, Stroke Specialist Nurse, Eastbourne District General Hospital

Lin Talbot has worked closely with the senior management at Prime Care to design a bespoke training programme to match our advanced and holistic courses. Lin has worked hard to grasp and understand our business, our growth and expansion plans and the people that work in it, together with the skills they need to become an excellent team of skilled professionals. We deliver award winning community care and that’s official!  This has been partly thanks to Lin Talbot’s’  training of our care teams in advanced medical topics such as Dementia, Diabetes, Lymphoedema, Parkinson’s, Strokes, Motor Neurone. Lin has been more than happy to meet our teams in all our areas from Hastings to Portsmouth and has been willing to work with inexperienced carers’ as well as managers. We have also tapped into Lin’s vast care knowledge and experience to enable her to be our only Risk Assessor trainer for all our supervisory management teams. Lin’s highly professional, highly qualified training matches our need to develop our quality service to enable elderly people to stay as independent and as safe as possible in their own homes. We guarantee that Lin is trustworthy, reliable, and empathetic and as we have enjoyed working with her so much we can thoroughly recommend her training business to those who need to develop the skills and performance of their teams. Liz Bracuti RGN BSc, Care Operations Director and Nicki Allen, Development Director (staff and standards) of Prime Care Community Services Limited

Safe Hands Community Carers have been using Lin Talbot Training for specialist training for some years now and would very much like to recommend her training services. Safe Hands, as a domiciliary care company, feel it is essential to not only deliver mandatory care courses to our staff but also to enhance their knowledge of certain illnesses or conditions in order to improve the quality of life for our clients. Our excellent relationship with Lin Talbot has been built as she has a proven understanding of not only the specialist subjects she delivers but also the needs of social care staff, aiming the training perfectly at her audience. Staff at Safe Hands get a great deal of benefit from Lin’s courses which in turn ensures provision of excellent quality of care for our clients and a real understanding of their needs.  Evaluation of our training has demonstrated real life benefits from attending the courses. Feedback on Lin’s training is consistently high, just some examples from our delegates attending her training in 2009 is as follows: “A difficult subject covered very well and professionally – thought provoking.” (End of Life Care) “I really enjoyed the course” (Stroke Awareness).  “Lin is a superb trainer.”   “Usual professional standard and interesting.”  “Overall and ultimately a very interesting and informative course” (Epilepsy).  “I feel that I have gained great knowledge of Diabetes.” “After this course it has motivated me to review care plans / risk assessment for those I support within my care” (Diabetes). “Excellent training.” Safe Hands Community Carers